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Neopets Claims

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Welcome to Neopets Claims! The community where you can claim a character, species (note: Species includes Petpets), location or plot item (I can't allow normal items from the game because the list would become very, very long) from the online game Neopets. Please read the rules before joining!

1. You must be a member of the community to make a claim.

2. Do not comment on others claim’s to make a claim, this will be ignored.

3. You can only claim five things.

4. If you want to change a claim post a new message and say what one of your claim’s you wish to remove and what replace it with.

5. Only one person may hold claims to something, so if someone has already claimed Jeran you can not claim him.

6. Check the claim list (below the rules) to see what’s taken.

7. No advertising.

8. Please put your claims on your user info page and link back to this community.

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